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8th September 2014

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Handsome devil


Handsome devil

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20th February 2014

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3rd February 2014

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25th December 2013

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After having my annual Christmas Day cry to “White Wine in the Sun”, I’d just like to thank every single one of my lovely followers for sticking with me. Whether or not any of my posts actually get looked or if I’m just shouting into the void, being able to put something out into the world when I’m feeling down makes me feel a bit better. So thank you for all that. Merry Christmas xxx

12th December 2013

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12th December 2013

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12th December 2013

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Tim Minchin Occasional Address and Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters (x)

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2nd December 2013

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17th November 2013

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I am, actually, rather romantic. And here’s my idea of romance:

You will soon be dead. Life will sometimes seem long and tough and, god, it’s tiring. And you will sometimes be happy and sometimes sad. And then you’ll be old. And then you’ll be dead.

There is only one sensible thing to do with this empty existence, and that is: fill it. Not fillet. Fill. It.

And in my opinion (until I change it), life is best filled by learning as much as you can about as much as you can, taking pride in whatever you’re doing, having compassion, sharing ideas, running(!), being enthusiastic. And then there’s love, and travel, and wine, and sex, and art, and kids, and giving, and mountain climbing … but you know all that stuff already.

It’s an incredibly exciting thing, this one, meaningless life of yours. Good luck.

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Thank you for posting this, Rose. It means a lot to me.

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31st October 2013

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Tumblr is gonna take this one of two ways

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